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Farmer’s Fresh CSA April 7, 2010

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On Monday I joined a local farmers’ co-op CSA.  CSA stands for community supported agriculture.  This is an attempt to help my family eat healthier, understand where our food comes from, and reduce our carbon footprint.  And of course, be cooler, ’cause you know, green is the “in thing” right now.  So Monday I signed up, paid my yearly membership fee, and placed my first order – weekly produce deliveries, plus bread and cheese.  I picked up my order today, and here’s what was inside:

3 sweet potatoes

2 husks of popping corn




Pac Choi

herbs – cilantro, violets, chives, and oregano

a loaf of bread

cheese – blue, cheddar, and two types of chevre (goat cheese)

The produce is the “dinner for two” package from Farmers’ Fresh.  I upgraded to the bread and a monthly cheese pack (2 hard and 2 soft cheeses each month).

I bought a salad spinner to make washing the lettuce and leaves easier, since they literally come with the roots and dirt still on them.  My son thought that was pretty cool.  He had a great time with the salad spinner.

I was really excited about the strawberries.  They are organic, from Thonotosassa, FL.  They smell like home.  And they taste amazing!  They reminded me of going strawberry picking in Plant City when I was a kid.

Now the bread I was hesitant about ordering.  So the first thing I did when I opened my box was take out a slice and taste it to see if it was really worth five bucks a loaf.  Wow.  It is worth five bucks a slice.  So moist and flavorful, it was almost like cake.  Yummy!

I got everything washed, prepped, and put in the fridge.  Now I just have to figure out what to cook with all this stuff.  Here are some pictures.


2 Responses to “Farmer’s Fresh CSA”

  1. Jessy Shelton Says:

    Awesome! My first basket gets delivered at 4pm! It’s going to be veggies, fruit, and bread. I can’t wait!!!

  2. kristimartin Says:

    Very cool, Jessy! I bet the boys will love it. I was surprised at how excited Elliott was. He was eating strawberries and spinach leaves as we were washing them.

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