Eating Greener

the experiences of a newbie to local, organic, and sustainably grown food

Day 3 April 9, 2010

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Last night I had a salad with the lettuce, spinach, strawberries, and blue cheese.  It was really good.  I’m normally a “lots of dressing” kind of girl, but I went easy on the raspberry vinaigrette because the contents of the salad itself were so good.  I never realized how much flavor can be in lettuce!  And the cheese was awesome.  It was not really salty like a lot of blue cheeses are, and the texture was really nice.  It’s actually a hard cheese, but it crumbled into big chunks really easily.  And the bigger the chunks, the better!

Tonight I made fried rice for dinner.  I stir fried the pac choi (bok choy) and put it in there with the rest of the chives.  Pretty good.  My favorite part of it was actually the pac choi.  And I feel pretty full even though we didn’t have meat with it.  For dessert I made a smoothie with the strawberries.  Yum.  I drank it before I remembered to take a picture.  Maybe next time – I’ve still got some strawberries left.

I’m thinking about adding eggs to my Farmer’s Fresh order for next month.  I am going to see how this month goes.  I don’t want to end up spending a fortune on food, but so far the money has been worth it.  And when you average it out, the only thing that really costs much more than the grocery store brand is the bread.  But that is definitely worth it.  I have been eating it plain, one slice at a time.  I tried it with some butter, but it was actually better with nothing on it.  Pretty sure that was a first.

Tomorrow or Sunday I think I am going to try popping the corn.  I’ve got two husks, so one will be regular popcorn and I think the other one is going to end up as caramel corn.  I found a recipe online that looks pretty easy.  Hopefully I’ll remember to take a picture before I eat it all!


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