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catching up April 19, 2010

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Wow, this was a crazy weekend!  We had Elliott’s birthday party and also had family in town.  Friday night we had a salad with the lettuce, herbs, blue cheese, and strawberries.  We also had chicken chili – very yummy!  I think chili is probably one of my best recipes.

Saturday was party day, so mostly junk food and takeout.  And, of course, Batman cupcakes!  🙂

Sunday we went out for lunch after church with my mother in law, and Sunday night we had leftovers.  My mother in law and I put some of the cranberry goat cheese on croissants for a snack – very good.

Lots of cooking planned for this week!  I still have the Bordeax spinach, cucumber (it never made it onto the salad), mushrooms, and strawberries left, plus some herbs.  I’m thinking either some sort of stew or stir fry.  We shall see!

I’m thinking about upgrading to the gourmet pack next month.  I was also considering the meat pack, but I think I’ll wait until they have more chicken available.  We eat a lot of chicken around here.

Looking forward to seeing what we get on Wednesday – every Wednesday is kind of like Christmas!


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