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the experiences of a newbie to local, organic, and sustainably grown food

dinners April 21, 2010

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Monday night I made fried rice with some stir fried veggies – oyster mushrooms, red peppers, onions, garlic, and spinach.  I went a little too light on the soy sauce while cooking it and we had to add more at the table, but other than that it was not too bad.  I even ate the mushrooms instead of picking them out and giving them to Bobby.

Tuesday night I made a goat cheese sauce – goat cheese, butter, and hot water.  I put it on spaghetti with onions, the leftover red peppers, and some wilted spinach.  Not bad, but I think a short pasta would hold up better under such a heavy sauce.

The goat cheese sauce was a pretty good idea, and we have leftovers for tomorrow.  I didn’t want to just use it all as a spread.  I still have some of the cranberry goat cheese left.  I may get some phyllo dough and try my hand at puff pastries.


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