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third delivery April 21, 2010

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Today I got my third Farmer’s Fresh delivery.  Here’s what I got:


baby spinach (yay!)


sweet potatoes

honey flax bread

alfalfa sprouts


I flash froze the strawberries.  I am not sure what to do with the sprouts – gonna have to research some ideas for that on the internet.  I think next month I am going to downgrade to the small loaf of bread because I had about 4 or 5 slices left over this week, too.

I also got a few things from the produce stand near our house:



HUGE potatoes

Vidalia onions!

I am very excited about the onions – Vidalias are the best, they have such a sweet flavor.  I use onions a lot, and I think these are going to be much better than the ones I was getting at the grocery store.

I also used the rest of the goat cheese sauce on some whole wheat penne with grilled chicken tonight.  It was much better on a shorter, heartier pasta.  We had a salad on the side.  Yummy!


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